Cpa pep core 1

Students enrolled in the extended modules are not permitted to switch to the regular offerings. The Extended Core 1 and Extended Core 2 modules are designed to accommodate students who are not able to dedicate the time and effort required in the regular modules. The extended modules will comprise the same content and structure as the regular modules but extend approximately twice the duration 16 weeks as opposed to 8 weeks in order to provide students with additional time to manage the requirements of the modules in addition to their personal commitments.

For module offerings and examination dates please review the PEP Schedule. Core 1 and Core 2 focus on financial accounting and reporting, and management accounting, planning and control. Students choose two elective modules.

cpa pep core 1

Capstone Integrative Module Capstone 1 deepens strategic leadership competencies by using the knowledge acquired in prerequisite and earlier modules in a professional team setting. Students complete a large business case that relates to Day 1 of the CFE. Capstone Examination Preparation Module Capstone 2 focuses on preparing students for entry into the profession by applying competencies acquired throughout the CPA program in complex and highly integrative cases.

Students develop their enabling competencies in situations that simulate real-life projects and assignments that newly certified CPAs may encounter in their careers.

At least one week prior to the module start date, you will receive an email from Brightspace D2Lthe online learning platform, with your login and password.

All the module material will be delivered through Brightspace D2Lwhere you also have access to schedules, webinars, discussion boards and other learning tools. Material will be posted three days prior to a module's start date. Please include your Candidate ID in the ticket submission. Each module includes one weekend classroom workshop Saturday and Sunday. Core 1 contains an additional weekend orientation workshop.

Attendance at the workshops in their entirety is mandatory. Learn more about PEP Workshops. Examinations are used to measure whether students have acquired the knowledge and developed the skills and competencies expected within the modules and courses. CPA Ontario uses Surpass, a special "lockdown" software, for examinations. Students will use CPA Canada provided laptops at examinations.


For an elective module, after three unsuccessful attempts, no further attempts for that module or examination can be made. Students who are unable to successfully complete two of the electives will be deregistered.

Refer to Regulationsection 1. Also, it is critical to understand that a Student who has been deregistered shall not be reregistered except in extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of, and on the terms and conditions deemed appropriate by, the Registrar or Vice President, Student Services, the Admission and Registration Committee, or the Appeal Committee, as the case may be. Students will be notified if their exam remark was successful or unsuccessful — no additional information will be provided.

cpa pep core 1

Exam remark fees will be refunded if the remark is successful. July 17, July 24, Students wishing to submit a remark request appeal may do so online through MyPortal. Exams may be deferred only once. A fee may be required. Live chat is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Edge. Skip to main content.

Beginning of Main Content. Elective Modules Students choose two elective modules. Capstone Modules Capstone Integrative Module Capstone 1 deepens strategic leadership competencies by using the knowledge acquired in prerequisite and earlier modules in a professional team setting.Choose a CPA Core 1 product that's right for you.

We provide quizzes and resources, practice cases and walkthroughs or a full exam essentials package. We offer a discount if you purchase multiple essentials packages with us.

You will pay full price for the first essentials package. To receive the discount, you do not need to purchase all packages at the same time. This course is a mix of online and self-study sessions designed to prepare a candidate for both the technical objective testing components and the case writing skills required for the module exam. Included in the course are the following components:.

Electronic access to all materials will be immediately available once you have registered, via website access and ebook for solutions.

A hard copy of the multiple choice, objective style questions and case solutions is available for a fee upon checkout. An extra case has been added to the practice exxam but it is not currently in the hard copy material that is being shipped if you choose this option. Home PEP Core 1. Package Content. This is a license for a single user. Shopping Cart. Cart Empty Products.Caleb received his CPA designation in To give you an idea of where I was before starting Core 1, I thought I would start off this blog post with a little background on me.

I graduated high school with honours and originally decided I was going to be a Physics teacher. I spent a year working at my local hospital in the laundry department. When I started at MNP, the education program to become a designated accountant was in transition, and I had the option of either rushing into the last offering of a legacy program or holding off to enter the first offering of CPA PEP. I was advised to hold off, and as a result, I had the luxury of working for a year and acquiring valuable work experience before starting the program.

Some of you will be starting Core 1 immediately upon being hired. Others will need to get through a probationary period.

And others may not even be employed before starting Core 1. The same goes for studying. I would strongly advise against cramming and procrastinating, if at all possible. If you spend a little more time on assignments throughout the weeks and write the cases under exam conditions, you will be far better off come module exam time.

Core 1 has changed quite a bit since I took the module back in September ; however, and pardon the bad pun here the core material has remained the same. Read on for tips on how to prepare for the readings and the assignments. I generally found it useful to read the materials that were provided on a weekly basis.

Everyone learns differently though, so if you prefer to learn through application, dive right in. The readings also give you a good idea of what might be tested on the exam. If they touch on it in the readings, odds are it will show up in the tasks, with the intention of preparing you for an exam question. There is also the competency map that lets you know where you should be at for a knowledge level on the exam for various topics i. The assignments are where you apply the weekly readings.

When I was in the program, it was called the Immersive Case—a case study that you followed throughout the entire module. I believe it is a bit different now, but the overall concept of the task is the same. You are given situations or problems and have to apply your knowledge to them.

CPA PEP Core 1 Results

If the assignment takes two hours to complete or requires 1, words, stop after you reach these specifications. It is more important to have a solid understanding of the issue at hand than to have the perfect response. It is important to state what the issue is, what the relevant handbook criteria is, your analysis of the case facts, and then conclude on what your analysis tells you.

If there is a quantitative or qualitative analysis, ensure you are having a balanced discussion of the pros and cons of each alternative. If you are presented with a control deficiency-type question, look at the weakness, the implication of the weakness this is the most important partand the recommended course of action to remedy the weakness. I remember times when I spent too long on an assignment and ended up not doing that well on it. Please refer to cpawsb.What I tell everyone going through the modules is to treat these like an exam.

They should treat each of the practice cases as if they were the case on the exam. This means writing the minute cases under exam conditions i. This will help you track how well you did in the allotted 60 minutes.

You can then still put in additional effort through debrief to make sure you truly understand all of the issues. My suggestion is to spend as much time on debriefing as you spent writing the case. The Core 1 and 2 exams focus heavily on multiple-choice. Once again, treat your practice multiple-choice questions like an exam.

I found the multiple-choice questions to be particularly tricky, so I practiced them often. Multiple-choice questions test a vast breadth of knowledge, so you need to ensure that you are comfortable with all of the concepts you come across throughout the module.

And once again, referring to the CPA Competency map is always a good idea. Related Posts. Details of September CFE announced. Employers, gain a better understanding of how the Practical Experience team can support you and your candidate s.

Part 2: Hot tips for time management in case writing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Comment Name Email Website.I would wish you luck but, to be honest, what you need is a strategy, not luck. Core 1 and 2 exams have a heavy focus on multiple choice questions 75 per cent and one case study 25 per cent. You might have around two minutes to answer each MCQ on average, so dilly-dallying is a threat to whether you will complete the exam. If you are stuck on an MCQ for more than a couple of minutes, leave it for later and come back to it if you have the time.

But if you open the Handbook or ITA at any point to do so, you are wasting precious exam time. Manage and manipulate your time. By this I mean answering some questions faster than the CPA program expects you to, giving you more time for others. For example, I typically finished the Core exam MCQs in around minutes rather than minutes, giving me an additional 30 minutes for the case study.

Always use pros and cons. You can get easy marks in any CPA exam simply by discussing the pros and cons of alternatives. Nearly every case asks you to analyze alternatives and, while the quantitative analysis might be tricky, the qualitative analysis should be easy marks. Always list three pros and three cons for each alternative.

This should take no longer than a few minutes and is a sure-fire way to tick a few boxes. Tell them what they already know. Another easy way to get marks is by simply telling markers what they already know. If you simply summarize and regurgitate what the problem at hand is at the beginning of your answer, as well as writing a few issues that you need to analyze, you will undoubtedly earn some easy marks.

Sometimes you might have to get fancy and put it in a SWOT analysis but all you are really doing is taking case facts and organizing them in such a way that the marker can see you understand the case and how to approach it. Treat yourself to a lunch out and take it easy for two weeks until you get your mark. If you are taking back-to-back courses, you will likely only get about three weeks off, so use this time to re-energize.

Andrew Knapman lives in Vancouver, B. The views expressed in this guest blog are his own. Choose the stories you want to read. Provide your email address to receive a weekly list of all content posted in the past seven days, with links to the original articles. May 3, Author: Andrew Knapman.

How do you become a CPA?

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Search for:. Students and Candidates. All candidates are also required to attend the Orientation Workshop on the first two days of Core 1. All workshop sessions follow the schedule below. The workshop session leader will inform candidates of times for lunch and any breaks. Day Time Saturday a.

Sunday a. Candidates are required to complete some work before attending the Core 1 and Capstone 1 workshops and will receive access to the module materials one-to-three business days before the module starts. Candidates enrolled in all other modules will receive access to module content one business day before the module starts. When registering for a module during the module registration period, candidates select their workshop city. Candidates who register after the close of a registration period are required to pay a waitlist fee and select their top three locations and will be placed in a location based on availability.

Location availability depends on candidate registrations and locations without enough candidates may be cancelled. Candidates in cancelled locations will be emailed following the close of the registration period and given alternative options.

The specific locations are confirmed two weeks before the workshop when the workshop locations are posted on the CPAWSB website. Candidates seeking to participate in workshops in other regions Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada should contact cpamodule cpawsb. Site Map.For an explanation of the transcript found on the Candidate Marks portal and the appeals process, please click here.

For information on appealing an exam mark and next steps, please click here. To access the National Candidate Portal please click here.

cpa pep core 1

When logging in to the Candidate Portal for the first time, your user ID will be your 7-digit candidate number beginning with 4. Your password will be your email address.

CRC: Resources for the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP)

You will be requested to change your password when entering the site. About Us. Contact Us. My CPA Portal. Students and Candidates. CPA Preparatory Courses. Info for Employers. Contractor Opportunities. FallSession 3, Core 1 results were posted at am Pacific on January 17, Candidate Feedback on the examination is available on the Candidate portal.

FallSession 3, Core 1 Results For an explanation of the transcript found on the Candidate Marks portal and the appeals process, please click here. Site Map. Privacy Statement. Terms of Use. Search for:. Core 1. Core 2. Performance Management. Capstone 1. Capstone 2.

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